// In Passing

The ambitious project was a step up from ‘The Beachcombers’, both in its dramatic content, its scale and on a technical level. Shot over three days in January 2009, the film saw me calling in favours from industry friends and contacts to pull together an amazing cast and crew and I hope a really unique short film.

Set in 1940’s London and starring Lesley Sharp, Russell Tovey & Sean Pertwee, the 11-minute film deals with the emotions involved when given a last chance to say goodbye to a loved one.

The film was screened on the BBC in autumn 2010 and is now distributed by Future Shorts.

Lesley Sharp
Russell Tovey
Sean Pertwee
Lorraine Stanley
Jayne Dickinson
Mat Ruttle

Directed By -- Chris Croucher
Produced By -- Michael Berliner
Written By -- Chris Croucher & Mark Beynon
Director Of Photography -- John Bailie
Editor -- Steven Forrester
An Original Score By -- Michael Ferguson
Production Designer -- Sophie Hervieu
Make Up Design -- Marella Shearer
Costume -- Sarah Ward & Marion Weise
Associate Producer -Paula Turnbull
Executive Producer -- Sunny Varkey