// The Halcyon

halcyonThe Halcyon is a lavish drama series set in the opulent world of London’s 5* Halcyon Hotel in 1940:  it tells the intertwining stories of the staff, a colourful array of guests and the aristocratic Hamilton family who own the hotel. When the blitz begins and war arrives in earnest, the hotel will transform into the most glamorous bomb shelter in London.

The Halcyon hotel is dripping in cool five star luxury, ready to party at the drop of a hat, but filled with the foibles of human frailty and the tender, beating hearts of our guests and staff. This is not a staid period piece but a fast moving, modern feeling, cosmopolitan, no holds barred life and death slalom ride. We are lifting the lid on the most intricate of workplaces – where everyone has a role to play in delivering flawless five star hospitality. The bombs may be falling outside but the Halcyon still presents as a beacon of glamour and luxury where the calm front of house belies the frenzied goings on behind the scenes.  This is not upstairs, downstairs but a front stage/ backstage, off mike/ on air, all sirens blaring, red- blooded feast of a show, a heady cocktail of war, romance, sex, subterfuge, politics, fear and hope, love and loss all to an upbeat feel good soundtrack. Tonally this is Mad Men meets the West Wing with just a sprinkle of Downton.

We may reside between four walls, but within these walls is a microcosm of a world at war. From international guests to the immigrant staff, overthrown monarchs and politicians to communists and spies, our stakes – love, death, desire, danger – are already high. But the war has driven them up to a searing degree… In this way The Halcyon Hotel Hotel itself will become a character in our narrative as the outside world is reflected in the internal goings on. We will also get a sense of life outside the Halcyon- Peggy’s modest two up two down in Stepney and the blitzed streets of the East and West End. But increasingly what is happening outside threatens to blow the walls of our hotel right down. The war is coming – and our characters’ lives will never be the same again.

Season One of The Halcyon is due to air in the UK in January 2017